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Welcome to Watch Live SciFi! Anthony, Nat, Eve, and Aljin provide their skewed world view to all things science fiction. Come on and comment, vote, and watch as their twisted minds dream up how they would like to see the future of the genre.

Live SciFi Webisode #6: Stargate Pants
Eve and Aljin explore the world of pants-less bad guys and Jaye Davidson's nipple rings.
Hits:54349   Sat 22 Dec 2007 13:08:04 CST

Live SciFi Webisode #5: SciFi Wrestling
Anthony Simcoe and Nat Dean infer that advertising dollars make strange bedfellows and Pro Wrestling gets turn-down service from Bonnie Hammer at the SciFi Channel.
Hits:11243   Sun 04 Nov 2007 01:25:08 CDT

Live SciFi Webisode #4: Return of the Jedi
Eve Morey and Aljin Abella, resident critics, and Mark Hamill's biggest fans, discuss sexual orientation in the rest of the universe.
Hits:44222   Sat 03 Nov 2007 00:52:40 CDT

Live SciFi Webisode #3: Fathers & Sons
Anthony & Nat give props to the 501st (check them out at and review scifi father & son teams. Look out D'Argo & Jothee!
Hits:83927   Tue 30 Oct 2007 22:10:42 CDT

Live SciFi Webisode #2: Holodeck Fantasies
Holodeck fantasies? Yes, holodeck fantasies. Use our "Contact Us" form to send us yours, and they'd better be hilarious!
Hits:17231   Sat 03 Nov 2007 00:53:14 CDT

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